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B23, Immeuble TITANIUM

Rue de l’île de Jerba,

Les berges du Lac II,

1053, Tunis, Tunisie

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Our mission is to unleash the talent and potential of all of Tunisia’s youth.

We began by simply offering workshops in basic job skills to groups of youth. The dedication, unmet expectations, and incredible potential of those youth led us to want to be something more. Today we focus on creating opportunities and brighter prospects for all Tunisian youth.

OUR YOUTH OUR HOPE is dedicated to helping young people succeed. To do so we help youth address the underlying problems in our society. We give youth tools to confront the challenges they face and support them in pursuing innovative solutions.



Our Youth Our Hope

B23, Immeuble Titanium

Rue de l’île de Jerba,

Les berges du Lac II,

1053, Tunis, Tunisie


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Zeeshan Hashmi

Founder and Director

I've seen too many band-aid solutions waste opportunity and potential.

I want to do things differently and fix problems at the root.

OYOH aims to do just that.

Jennah-Louise Salkeld

Regional Director

of Programs

I believe in supporting the youth

to be forward and free thinking. Together, we are here to create a better future for Tunisia.

Sarah Rahali

Senior Programs Coordinator

The future belongs to the youth. Through believing, guiding and empowering them,

we create a brighter future.

Nour Houda

Project Assistant

We must give the youth the tools to visualize their success and

 let them start building it.

Siwar Douss

Marketing and

PR Coordinator

I have chosen to assist, mentor

and invest in youth.

I want youth to break their 'bubble' and reach their potential.