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B23, Immeuble TITANIUM

Rue de l’île de Jerba,

Les berges du Lac II,

1053, Tunis, Tunisie

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We strive to give young people a voice in society and the tools to make a difference. We do so by building strong local youth organizations across Tunisia. These groups reduce the risk of youth marginalization and create pathways for greater participation and representation. By helping organizations build their capacities, and design effective strategies for engagement, we cultivate leaders and enrich communities.

We focus on identifying and addressing the specific barriers to employment and career advancement. With meaningful and effective interventions we help youth achieve their aspirations. 

We help youth access the skills, knowledge, and opportunities to improve their futures. 

We seek to engage youth and their communities in order to foster positive values and life choices. We protect the basic rights of vulnerable youth, prevent engagement in risky behaviors, and encourage personal growth. By fostering critical thinking and healthy decision-making we ensure youth have the tools to build the foundations for a brighter future. Focusing on human development ensures no one falls through the cracks.


Creating Access to Economic Opportunity
Fostering Education & Identity
Increasing Participation & Leadership
  • Help young people learn new skills, start careers, and become engaged members of their communities.

  • Reduce the space available to those advocating extreme positions and reduce the appeal of violence.

  • Provide productive and fulfilling alternatives for marginalized Tunisian youth.

  • Inspire the next generation of leaders in Tunisia.

  • Create an empowered Tunisian youth with the skills and opportunities they need to build a bright and prosperous future for themselves, their communities, and their country.


By coordinating action across Tunisian society and providing youth with opportunities for meaningful involvement we hope to:


Our work is done to improve and enrich the lives of youth in Tunisia who are faced with a myriad of social, economic and political obstacles.


Feelings of disillusionment and stagnation have increased frustration and left many young people unable to see a future for themselves in Tunisia. Instead they have begun seeking better prospects through other avenues. Youth feel as if they have only two means of attaining a sense of self-fulfillment and success: flee to Europe, or join violent jihadist groups abroad.

To counter these forces Our Youth Our Hope believes in empowering young Tunisians to allow them to build a better future. These youth have immense potential, drive, and resilience; they need only the opportunities and tools to realize these.