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Rue de l’île de Jerba,

Les berges du Lac II,

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Success Stories

"forUs program weeded out fear of failure from my life. Trainers taught me how to start a project from scratch. Likewise, OYOHO team inspired us through role models, boosted my self-confidence, and provided opportunities for us."

Haithem Jaouadi

"forUs program training and trainers were of a high quality in addition to OYOHO team who encouraged and supported us throughout the program. I really hope it will continue to happen."

Amine Hmaza

"I’m more confident now that I know where to look for a job. It changed my perspective in life. OYOHO team were very modest. I appreciate myself more. I have improved my skills and focus on my goals."

Imen Laabidi

"Training helped me to start my own project and prevent a lot of mistakes that I didn’t know before. Going to events and meeting entrepreneurs allowed me to know the mistakes to avoid. Trainers gave me hope and guided me to build an idea and achieve my goal."

Marwa Ben Slama

"forUs gave the opportunity to pitch my project idea and this has encouraged me even more. Now I know how to pitch myself too.

OYOHO made me believe in myself and in my ability to make things happen."

"I discovered my skills. I became more confident. I used to be afraid to go to a meeting, now I don't miss any opportunity."

Marwa Souabni

  Mariem Hammami

"I now know new things such as events and co-working spaces. Also, I learnt how to create a project idea from scratch."

"I've learnt new skills and how to write a cover letter. I've learnt also how to get prepared for a job. OYOHO team gave me hope and encouraged me through introducing successful people to us."

Najet Ncir

Sabrine Ben Ammar

"Now I know that job offers are available in the private sector too, not only in the public sector. OYOHO motivated us and gave us the opportunity to meet inspirational and successful people."

"OYOHO provided hope for us. They taught us how to believe in our skills, never belittle an idea and that I can start step by step and succeed eventually."

Zohra Laaribi

Yasmine Tayaa

"forUs has changed my way of thinking. I used to look for a job, now I want to start my own project. OYOHO team made me believe that there is nothing impossible. We are the solution."

"OYOHO made me realize the things I'm passionate about and helped me to choose my career path. Now I'm more motivated and confident."

Wafa Abidli

Sourour Boulaabi

"I've learnt how to communicate efficiently with people. Now I'm more confident and focused. I feel more comfortable at my work place."

"The Career Counselor guided me to find a job and to never give up. Also, through job shadow, gave me the opportunity to be a part of a team and learn things in my field."

Souad Haouat

Safa Ben Othman

"I've learnt new skills and how to avoid mistakes I commonly made. forUs program taught me how to establish my own project. OYOHO team provided us with hope and a lot of positive energy."

Aymen Garci

"OYOHO team encouraged us to make progress and make a difference.

The opportunities they have provided for us gave us hope and we now know a lot of things that would help us in the future."

Jalel Raddaoui

"My life has changed. forUs program taught me how to reveal my skills and use them. Now I know how to win a job interview. Also, OYOHO team are amazing and super helpful."

Ahlem Hammami

"I now know how to create a CV and a cover letter. Before forUs I was afraid to make a step forward, now I’m more confident."

Imen Rezgui